The Life of a Child

What does it mean to be a family? To grow up? Be a parent? A sister, a brother? What is in the hours we spend together, and how does that define who we are? 

The Life of a Child is an on-going documentary project that started with the intention of just capturing life at home for a family. But over the years it became clear it was more than that.

It seemed to resonate with others, who were not part of this one family. To touch on something more.

A reminder of scraped knees as a child. Fighting with your siblings. Being really tired as the parent of fighting between the siblings. The beautiful, the hard, the everyday. 

In a world where we tend to thing everything important is anywhere but right here, the project seemed to invite us to stop for a minute and ask the question:

What if - just maybe - life as it is happening right where we are, at home, might be more than something to be ignored in the quest for bigger or better.

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