- Tracks - 

'To make tracks' means getting up and going. Away from or towards something. 

In 2017, Johanne Lila Larsen sold her home, gave away her belongings, stored a few keep-sakes, and made tracks.

She had been faced with (yet another) period of serious health issues, and this time the problems wouldn't be going away.

To deal with this reality, instead, she did - go away.

Memento mori, they say; Know you will die. 

With serious illness as your constant companion, not being in denial about this, is just the new normal. 

To Johanne Lila Larsen it meant there was no time like the present to get started on that bucket list most people keep putting off until it's too late.

First stop was the United States. Her dream was walking the streets of New York and look at art at the Met. 

And then to fulfill a romantic dream of crossing the great nation on Amtrak.

The 'track' became those of the train.

In a world so consumed with careers and ambition and getting ahead - have we forgotten how to dream? How to just sit at a window and watch the world go by? 

What are your dreams? What is that one thing you really want to do before you die? Is now the time? What is holding you back? What sacrifices would you be ready to make to make it happen?

'Tracks' is photography made from inside the trains on the journey of a lifetime from Washington DC on the American East Coast to Washington State on the America West Coast.

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